academic courses

Mojdeh offers a variety of courses through a platform called Moodle. The students who are registered in these classes can easily watch the videos and download the books and do their assignments through a secure website. This is crucial for those who are living in Iran and Afghanistan. This secure website allows them to learn and take classes in a safe and secure way. The courses range from basic to academic based on the student's needs and wants. 



Since the Farsi speaking church is the fastest growing church in the world, this course is aimed to provide teaching for new believers and non-believers who are seeking the truth. This course contains 25 parts. These courses provide the students with the basics of the Christian faith. Content includes basic tenants of the faith, how to pray, and basic theology. Students will leave this program having a basic understanding of what Christianity is and what it means to follow Christ.  



Due to the persecution that Christians in Iran and Afghanistan endure, it is difficult for believers to regularly gather. Discipleship of new believers has suffered as a result. For this reason, we offer courses that are aimed at discipling believer that they may otherwise not be able to experience it. 




“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Many people come to Christ every day in Farsi speaking nations and the churches in these lands are in huge need of leaders. We believe the remarkable movement of God among Persian peoples comes with a responsibility. They must, in turn, organize their efforts to fulfill the demands of the Great Commission, especially in the unreached Muslim world. Healthy churches are the key to advancing the gospel throughout the Farsi-speaking world. Growing healthy churches begins with proper leadership development and that is where a theological training program is critical.




Mojdeh has the privilege to work alongside the Persian Leadership Development Initiative at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This new initiative will provide theological education to Farsi-speaking church leaders. Southastern's Global Theological Initiatives is partnering with a ministry organization that is offering free online training in Farsi beginning in 2017. Ongoing strategy will include the development and offering of certificate and bachelors level training. This bachelor’s degree will be will be the first ever of its kind offered by an accredited institution in the world. The later phases of the initiative will hopefully include masters level training in Farsi as well.