Mojdeh Ministries was founded in early 2017 by Iranian pastor and church leader, Kambiz Saghaey. The purpose of Mojdeh is to provide theological education and resources to the Persian church. These resources are offered  in a variety of ways with the goal of fostering spiritual growth to believers in all areas.

The Persian church can be defined by Farsi speakers from the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. According to Joshua Projects, it is a people that totals close to 125 million people. Of that population, 99% is unreached and predominantly Muslim.  Yet, we have seen God work in amazing ways in these people groups and we seek to help provide theological resources and training to those people who are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

As Mojdeh’s leadership is comprised mostly of those who come from this background, we believe that we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of the Persian church and subsequently meet them.