Why is ministry focused on women important?


One of the beautiful features of God’s creation was gender.  Male and female would blend their male and female distinctiveness into a single unit, partnering to steward God’s creation for God’s glory.  When Adam introduced sin into creation, the blessing of sexuality falls victim to the curse and harmony turns to chaos. 

Confusion and chaos about how to properly express sexuality according to God’s original design is pervasive in the Persian culture.  High divorce and infidelity rates, depression, prostitution and drug addiction and spousal abuse run rampant, so the church must offer a message of hope built on the realities of the Gospel. 



Genesis 3:16 anticipates that women are the ones who suffer under the consequence of sin in this fallen world. 

  • Where there is abuse, the church must offer refuge. 
  • Where there is confusion, the church must offer honest and open dialogue about how the Bible addresses these matters.  
  •  Where there is pain and suffering, the church must offer healing through biblical counseling. 

Mojdeh ministries desires to help local churches and families be healthy expressions of God’s purposes for men and women.